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PhotoVoltaic (PV) with Automatic Backup Generation
Propane Fuel Cell or Diesel Options Available
 Sentrex Remote Power Supplies

Our fully automated SoDAR and LiDAR remote power supplies are specifically designed for reliable operation in remote sites, and has been proven in the harshest conditions Canada can deliver. Heavy duty enclosures ensure that events such as heavy ice build up, wildlife ingress and adverse weather conditions do not affect power delivery to essential loads. By using solar power when available, use of the backup power is minimized and time between service calls can be increased significantly.

All units are fully built at our Canadian headquarters, tested and operated for 24hrs in our custom designed cold climate chamber. After the quality control phase, the units are then installed at your site and commissioned on arrival.

Each of our units are fitted with a sound dampened SoDAR or LiDAR compartment with propane heating to reduce the environmental effects on the data. RSD equipped SoDAR and LiDAR Power Supplies trailers are validated against our IEC-compliant SoDAR and LiDAR validation tower to verify the full height range of remote sensing devices.

Sentrex offers purchase and full service SoDAR and LiDAR rental options on our fully automated remote power supplies.

Powering the Canadian Wilderness

 Installation is just the beginning. Sentrex's Forj Power brand is our in-house solution for remote monitoring and control. Forj monitoring interface will monitor your remote power supply and email reports with vital information to ensure your measurement campaign will have the power it needs. Remote telemetry can be configured for either satellite or cell phone communications and allow for pre-emptive troubleshooting to minimize service calls and indicate potential service required. Local field service is also provided by personnel fully trained on the design and deployment of these specific power supplies.

 Remote Power Supply Trailer Features: 
  • Complete Photovoltaic (Solar Panels) automated remote power supply with reliable propane fuel cell or diesel backup

  • Nominal average non-inductive load (300W peak) - other voltages/ load ratings are available

  • AGM Battery Bank nominal 800Ahr

    • Battery heating to improve performance and longevity​

  • System operating temperature -35C to +35C

  • Adjustable solar mounting angle to optimize solar power generation

    • Designed to be installed by one person with a hinged solar frame design​

  • Remote sensor LiDAR or SoDAR compartment with electric and propane heating options

    • Reducing possibility of theft, damage by animals or farm equipment​, protection from direct blowing debris

  • Custom single board computer with extensive control and monitoring capabilities

  • Security and observation cameras available for site monitoring

  • Access to the ForjPower Remote Monitoring Interface featuring:

    • Graphical Interface to monitor system status

    • Remote automated alarms from over 50 on-board data points

    • Customizable alerts for system status monitoring

    • Security and observation camera photo history.

  • Monthly Reports on Remote Power Supply performance

Sentrex Power Supply Videos

Sentrex Power Supply Videos

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Remote Power Supply Heating Capabilities
SoDAR Power Supply Ice Melting in cold weather

Heating Capabilities:

  • The .GIF shows the Remote Power Supply heating capabilities. Approx. 12in of snow melted in 2 hours in -20 degrees Celsius weather

  • Up to two Propane heaters

  • Heat trace to melt snow, ice and drain path

  • SoDAR or LiDAR compartment heating

  • SoDAR Dish heating 

Before Heating
After Heating
Before and after heating a AQ510 SoDAR
Sentrex Remote Power Supply Rental
Windcube LiDAR Power Supply installed in a field
Sentrex SoDAR and LiDAR Power Supply near a tubular tower

Full Service Remote Power Supply Rental Option:

  • Minimum 3-Month rental contract

  • Installation on client site

  • Maintenance visits

  • LiDAR or SoDAR compartment with heating options

  • Cell phone communications for units

  • Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Commissioning report

Sentrex Remote Power Supply Purchase Option
Empty SoDAR and LiDAR Remote Power Supply Remote sensor compartment

Purchase Option:​

  • Customized trailer for unit utilizing PV with propane fuel cell backup Power Supply

  • LiDAR or SoDAR compartment with heating options

  • Installation and Commissioning services available

  • 1 Year service, including remote monitoring and monthly report

  • Documentation for operation and maintenance

  • Re-location services available

Sentrex SoDAR and LiDAR Remote Power Supplies in a row
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