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Remote Observation And Monitoring System (ROAMS)

ROAMS is a pre-designed modular system for environmental monitoring. ROAMS processes the remotely obtained data and intelligently extracts the significant information for you, saving you time and money by eliminating the days spent sifting through mountains of images and data and reducing frequent trips to the site to retrieve the data in the first place.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    •  Turbidity (multi-sensors), Upstream & Downstream

    • Level Measurements: Fluids, Snow

    • Meteorological: Temperature, Rainfall, Wind Speed/Directions,
      Relative Humidity, Pressure

    • Birds/Bat Monitoring

    • Wildlife Monitoring

    • Dust/Smoke (Particulate) Monitoring

  • Site Access Monitoring

    • Fluid Storage Pond/Hydro Vac Pit

    • Traffic monitoring

    • Performance verification (actual time vs reported times)

    • Site access security

    • Side and Rear Vehicle imaging with License Plate Recognition (LPR)

  • Hillside Monitoring

    • Fresh cuts and fills

    • ​​Detect erosion

    • Detect hillside movement

    • Remote image processing

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