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Full Height Range SoDAR and LiDAR Validation and Verification Test Tower


Features of our 203 meter validation test tower:

  • Wind speed and direction at 5 measurement levels with first class, high accuracy sensors

  • 3D ultrasonic and heated anemometers, suitable for winter conditions

  • 12 plug and play test pads for SoDAR and LiDAR Validation

  • Fully IEC 61400-12-1:2017 compliant site & tower

  • On-site power available

Benefits of 203m reference met mast:

  • Measures to full height range of remote sensing devices such as SoDAR and LiDAR

  • Reduce uncertainties and provide high reliability of SoDAR & LiDAR data

  • High data availability due to 5 different levels (40/80/120/160/200) and with a large number of smart high accuracy sensors at each level 

  • Bankable data

  • Measures to heights typical of present turbine rotor diameters

  • Allows RSDs such as LiDARs and SoDARs to be used in turbine power performance testing or wind resource assessment

  • Work in extreme weather conditions all year round

Our SoDAR and LiDAR validation and verification services include:

  • Full SoDAR and LiDAR campaign management which includes: installation, testing, monitoring, analysis and reporting for any remote sensing device

  • Transportation options available

  • Option for longer duration testing up to 3 month  

Validation is a function check on the RSD SoDAR or LiDAR unit to establish that the unit is working to the manufacturer's specifications, or to client specified tolerances. Validations may be carried out prior to a measurement campaign and/or post measurement campaign.

Verification is intended to determine the level of agreement between an RSD's wind speed measurements and a validation tower, and is carried out in accordance to international standards; it is a more in-depth process than a validation and includes an estimate of uncertainties. Verification requires 180 hours of valid, concurrent windspeed data.

We offer complete SoDAR and LiDAR validation and verification services against our new IEC-compliant 203m test tower. The tower is installed on an IEC-compliant site near Barons, Alberta.

Barons 203m Validation Tower Location
Sentrex Validation Tower Videos

Sentrex Validation Tower Videos

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