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About Us

Sentrex Wind Services Inc. is a Canadian company that has been serving the wind energy industry for over 15 years. We take pride in providing our clients with a one-stop service centre for their wind assessment needs.

Whether you are a wind developer, turbine manufacturer or any other party with a need to characterize the wind, we have a team of professionals ready to assist in making your project a success.


SODAR is a wind measurement technology based on sonic detection and ranging. It provides a “virtual met tower” up to 200m in height and does so by emitting audible “chirps” up into the air. By then measuring the time delay, intensity and Doppler shift of the returned signal, the Wind Finder can provide a clear profile of the wind at that specific site.

We are now pleased to offer our clients installation, maintenance and data analysis for the AQ510 Wind Finder, which offers several advantages to other wind measurement technologies. AQSystem have been Europe’s leading wind industry SoDAR manufacturer for over ten years.


In the course of our over 10-year history, our customers have consistently expressed a need for a reliable power supply for remote sites. Typical remote power supplies can operate for extended periods of time in optimum conditions, but weather and geographic location can present real challenges, and when data is important, our clients need better.  We set out to build one. After years of field experience, we are pleased to be able to provide our clients with reliable automatic power supplies that are self-contained and can be remotely monitored and controlled. We use a combination of solar and backup diesel. Still, the real magic is in our in-house circuit board design, control logic, graphical interface, and communications between our server and all our remote power supplies. All tested in our on-site cold chamber to make sure they really work!


Sentrex Wind Services Inc. offers validation services for your remote sensing devices (including AQ510, Triton, WindCube, and ZephIR) against our IEC-compliant 203m test tower. The tower is equipped with first-class anemometry every 40m at 5 levels.


We have been installing met towers throughout Canada since 2006 and are recognized in the industry as experts in our field. While we look towards new technology in the form of remote sensing, met towers remain a very important part of our core business.

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Sentrex is the exclusive distributor of AQSystem Stockholm AB in Canada and the United States.


Sentrex is an authorized dealer of NRG Systems' products.

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