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Paul Woodhouse, C.E.T


Paul Woodhouse is one of the co-founders of Sentrex Wind Services Inc., which was incorporated in August 2006. Prior to establishing Sentrex Wind Services, Paul worked in wind farm development for a number of years. In addition to his wind energy expertise and management skills, Mr. Woodhouse has an extensive industrial, electrical, and controls background.

Darlene Gillis, P.Eng.


Darlene Gillis is one of the co-founders of Sentrex Wind Services Inc. Darlene is a registered professional engineer and has over twenty-five years of engineering and management experience. Darlene has been extensively involved in wind energy services and wind energy development since 2002. Prior to entering the wind energy business, Darlene held various engineering positions in government and private industry, including ownership and operation of a geomatics consulting firm.

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