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SoDAR and LiDAR Rentals, Sales, and Services

Purchase Options and Minimum 3-Month Rental Campaign Packages Available
SoDAR and LiDAR devices

Remote sensing devices such as SoDAR and LiDAR are a quick method of determining the wind characteristics of a potential wind project site without the need of an on-site Meteorological tower. Using SoDAR or LiDAR technologies, paired with a Sentrex SoDAR and LiDAR Power Supply, reliable meteorological data can be acquired. 

Which Remote sensing device (RSD) SoDAR or LiDAR is best suited for your application? With the many RSD options available on the market it can be tough to decide which is best for your application.


Some things to consider:

  • Maintenance schedule and requirements

  • Nearby ambient noise level

  • Data quality - is my unit IEC certified?

  • Unit/System best suited for the local weather - Reliable snow melting capabilities?


If you have a potential site and are unsure of which SoDAR or LiDAR would be best suited for your location, we can help!

Sentrex SoDAR and LiDAR Services:
  • SoDAR and LiDAR Installation, Re-location, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Decommissioning

  • SoDAR and LiDAR Validation using our IEC Compliant 203m Meteorological Tower

  • SoDAR and LiDAR Campaign Management Services including:

    • SoDAR and LiDAR Data monitoring​

    • Communications managing

    • Historical records

    • Monthly or quarterly Status reports

  • Customized PV Remote Power Supply Trailer with Fuel Cell or Diesel Backup system

AQ510 SoDAR installed in a Sentrex SoDAR or LiDAR Remote Power Supply
Why choose the AQ510 SoDAR for your RSD?

When choosing an SoDAR or LiDAR, the most important aspect is data quality. The AQ510 SoDAR is the only SoDAR to have been IEC certified, conforming to international standards. The AQ510 SoDAR is an enclosed system, requiring less maintenance and performs year-round with integrated heating systems to handle the toughest snow and ice conditions.

Leading consulting firms accept well-validated SoDAR data as part of a comprehensive wind study. AQ510 data meets industry requirements while reducing the uncertainty of a wind resource assessment and enabling better project design.

As the exclusive partner for AQSystem Stockholm AB in Canada Sentrex Wind Services has the experience, training and resources to provide a turnkey, full service offering customized to your campaign.

Using an AQ510 SoDAR allows for flexible data acquisition of a wind project location. When paired with a Sentrex Power Supply, the unit can be re-located around a wind project to determine the wind characteristics over a larger area. 

We offer purchase and rental options for the AQ510 Wind Finder SoDAR.


Each AQ510 SoDAR Purchase or SoDAR Rental option has been validated using our IEC Compliant 203m Meteorological Tower to ensure the data quality of each unit to its ​full measurement range.

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