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Remote Access Communications System (RACS)


Sentrex is pleased to present our newest product, the Remote Access Communications System (RACS). 

1) What other benefits does it offer?

  • Reducing the requirement for site visits​

  • Early warning of system performance

  • Long lasting power system

  • Easy transportation and one person installation

  • Ideal for remote or hard to get to sites

  • Communication option for multiple unit meshing

  • Higher data availability - Sending of RAW data without worry of data overwriting due to missed site visit​

  • Wider fleet area due to decreased maintenance required 

  • Equipment protection

    • Expensive equipment less acceptable to wildlife damage (bears, insects)

    • Environment (high winds, rain, ice)

    • Theft - (equipment looking like a trail cam, locking enclosure)

2) Will it only work on Anabat Systems?

3) How soon can I buy this!!

RACS - Anabat

The RACS system is an all-in-one integrated data management system and remote power supply designed for use in remote sites where data retrieval and management is essential.

Increase your Anabat fleet capacity and decrease the labor costs for general maintenance with the RACS. By making each site installation a "one-time-visit", RACS will reduce the amount of visits required to each unit by making their data remotely accessible and the power supply renewable. 

Data is retrieved from the Anabat daily and uploaded to our Canadian servers. Have peace of mind that the unit is working with daily uploads, and power taken care of by renewable solar energy (no batteries to replace!).

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