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For detailed information on the AQ510 SoDAR, below is a collection of brochures and papers.
Poster based on Technical Note: T0332_03_TN_E02 by Nergica.
AQ510 Wind Finder is now fully classified according to the requirements of newly published IEC Standard 61400-12-1:2017

An official independent report of an AQ510 SoDAR performance verification prepared by GL Garrad Hassan. The verification measurements were performed by AQS at their test site in Fimmerstad, Sweden.

Ecofys Wind Turbine Testing Services (WTTS) carried out the validation analysis of an AQ510 SODAR against the reference Fimmerstad met mast.

BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH was contracted by AQ System Stockholm AB to verify the performance of the Sodar AQ510 003 (RSD) at the site: Fimmerstad, Västergötland, Sweden.

Written by Lasse Johansson, Senior Wind Consultant at SWECO, this paper details the AQ510 Wind Finder's ability to measure Turbulence Intensity.

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