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AQ510 Specifications and SoDAR and LiDAR Rental Options

Purchase Options and Minimum 3-Month Rental Campaign Packages Available


Sentrex Wind Services has elected to represent the AQ510 Wind Finder from AQSystem as the focus of our full service wind remote sensing capability.

As the exclusive partner for AQSystem Stockholm AB in Canada Sentrex Wind Services has the experience, training and resources to provide a turnkey, full service offering customized to your campaign.

We offer purchase and rental options for the AQ510 Wind Finder SoDAR.


The only SoDAR to have been IEC classified according to the procedure described in Annex L of the IEC guidelines, 61400-12-1:2017.

AQSystem, with over 40 years of SoDAR experience, is the leading provider of SoDAR in Europe with over 300 installations in 20 countries.

The AQ510 stands out against others for accuracy, reliability and cost of operation.


The AQ510 is the first SoDAR to provide reliable wind measurement data without the need for an on-site met tower.

By providing measurements across the full rotor sweep of a turbine, AQ510 reduces uncertainty in revenue forecasts, providing accurate wind speed, wind direction, vertical wind speed, shear, veer, and turbulence intensity values.

Leading consulting firms accept well-validated SoDAR data as part of a comprehensive wind study.

AQ510 data meets industry requirements while reducing the uncertainty of a wind resource assessment and enabling better project design.

AQ510 Beam Zenith


  • The only IEC classified SoDAR

  • Delivers a mean standard uncertainty of 1.00% at 100m.

  • Direct beam

  • Unlike anemometers, not affected by mast interference (windspeed)

  • Unlike anemometers, not affected by wind inflow angles

  • Small Zenith angle - To give you less scatter and better measurement in complex terrain AQ510 uses a zenith angle of 15°.

  • Cast aluminum platform with machined surfaces- To ensure that the speakers are in the exact correct position, they are mounted on a platform of aluminum - the same material as the speaker brackets and re-designed parabolic dishes.

  • Tilt sensor - with the tilt sensor you can always be sure that the system is installed correctly.

  • Low energy consumption - The AQ510 uses only 15W

  • The AQ510 Wind Finder SoDAR provides valuable data in the wind turbine’s entire operating area (by volume).

  • 5m vertical resolution from 40m to 200m

  • Accurate Turbulence Intensity (TI) measurements with high data availability

  • Reliable Fuel Cell or Diesel backup power and propane heating systems, proven and tested in on-site freezer unit

  • No annual fee for online data access

  • Intuitive online interface with graphical representation of data

  • AQ510 SoDAR performance has been independently verified by many leading wind consultancies including DNV-GL (Garrad Hassan)

AQ510 SoDAR or LiDAR Rental
AQ510 SoDAR Barrel

Full Service SoDAR or LiDAR Rental Option:

  • Minimum 3-Month rental contract

  • Installation on client site

  • Maintenance visits

  • Cell phone communications for units

  • Data in CSV format

  • Commissioning report

AQ510 SoDAR Barrel Dishes.JPG
AQ510 SoDAR or LiDAR Purchase Option
Sentrex Custom SoDAR and LiDAR Remote Power Supply Trailer
SoDAR in Sentrex SoDAR and LiDAR Remote Power Supply

Purchase Option:

  • AQ510 Wind Finder SoDAR or LiDAR Unit

  • Customized SoDAR or LiDAR Power Supply trailer for unit utilizing PV with propane fuel cell backup Remote Power Supply

  • SoDAR or LiDAR Installation and Commissioning services available

  • Re-location services available

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